Closer & Freed Bundle

Closer & Freed Bundle

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Looking for a way to experience abundant life throughout the summer season? This special audio series is a compilation of some of the best practical instruction from Life Action Ministries on the attitudes and practices that lead to the thriving life Jesus offers. It will encourage you to lay your heavy burdens down at His feet and to center your heart and mind on Jesus. 

Take advantage of this special offer for the month of July only!


  1. The Living Water We Need (Shane Black)
  2. The Emptiness of Substitutes (Gregg Simmons)
  3. The Needy Life (Steve Canfield)
  4. Say Yes to God (John Avant)


  1. Getting Honest About Hurt (Steve Canfield)
  2. Freedom Through Forgiveness (Gregg Simmons)
  3. The Remedy for Hurt (Shane Black)
  4. Refueling Your Love (Steve Canfield)
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